This Scout sells more popcorn than most entire troops, but what he does with the money is even more impressive


In 2011, Beck Garnett was just a 7-year-old Tiger Scout when he sold $1,800 worth of popcorn — a pack record.

A year later, he extended the record with more than $3,000 in sales. Up and up the sales numbers went until 2017, when Beck sold a staggering $51,420 in popcorn. Beck wasn’t just the top seller in Virginia. He outsold most entire troops in his state and across the country.

The money Beck has raised — $111,807 in seven years of selling — has helped grow and sustain Scouting in Beck’s pack, troop, district and the entire Heart of Virginia Council.

You see, Beck isn’t after records or notoriety or even the pile of rare patches he has earned as a leading seller. Beck just wants to bring Scouting to as many people as he can.

Last year, he donated $17,000 to help grow Scouting in underserved areas through a program the council calls Scoutreach.

Beck’s top tips
Jay Lugar, development director for the Heart of Virginia Council, says Beck has a knack for peddling popcorn.

“I’ve never encountered a more natural salesperson than Beck,” he says.

Here’s how Beck says he got to more than $110,000 in sales:

Set and meet daily goals to help reach your overall goal.
Never give up. If you knock on enough doors, someone will say yes.
Always wear your Scout uniform when selling, and be polite and professional.
Sell online to friends and family who live far away.
Know your products and be able to comfortably explain the value of larger products. You’ll get a bigger sale, and they’ll get a better deal.
Remind customers that “it’s not about buying or selling popcorn. It’s about supporting the Boy Scouts.”

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