Online Selling - Wawa - Extra Order Forms



There’s been a trend to popcorn questions lately, so I thought I’d share the answers to our most recent FAQs.

Online Selling:
(1) Setting up a Scout account – - Screen prints with instructions attached.

(1a) Be sure that your Scout families know their Council, District and Unit name. New parents often select “Troop” by default. If you are a Pack, that means the Scout will be linked to the wrong unit.

(2) When a Scout sets up their online selling account, they will automatically be loaded into the Popcorn System.
If you end up with duplicate Scouts, use the merge button to fix this.

Extra Order Forms
If you need more order forms, want an extra copy of the Kernel’s Guide, or want more Military Receipts. They are available at the council office lobby located at
504 S Concord Rd, West Chester.
PDF’s are also available online at

Wawa Weekend
If you will be selling at Wawa this weekend, be on the look out for an email with the required documentation.